Work – Case Study 2




• Identity crisis due to conflicting business names.
• Out of date, non-ranking, non-responsive website.
• No online visibility, email marketing, social media.
• Phone sales force is only source of visibility in their market.


• High pressure sales industry.
• Could stand out due to high integrity, family owned culture.

Lead Generation

• Phone strategy is only sales channel.
• No email or ability to accept quotes outside of phone call.
• All income generation is dependent on sales force and how aggressively they hit the phones.


Develop a new website with a professional look to build confidence and portray MCT’s high level of integrity and love for family. Capture new name for company and develop a new logo to portray this brand. Include a Content Management System (CMS) for easy administration of content, special and career page, along with a contact us form to provide potential customers with the ability to contact MCT for quotes or questions. Establish MCT in major online directories (NAP) to bring MCT’s website to the top of local online searches. Branded email marketing template developed and process established to extend specials and other offers to database, along with customer newsletters.

Setup social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) and email template to market customer base with monthly specials. Adding these social media and email marketing channels so they can target the current customer base, has allowed MCT the ability to concentrate their internal sales efforts on new customers.

Conducted value mapping exercise with customer to identify improvements needed in processes. Clearly identified four quadrants of needs (high need – costly, high need – low cost, low need – costly, low need – low cost). MCT has action plan in place to address the high need – low cost process areas needing improvement.