Work – Case Study 1

New Website for Childcare Center



The Challenge

• Local competition between centers to achieve top of google search results.
• Outdated website.
• No social media campaigns to gain new business and to help search ranking.
• Website not optimized for target keywords.



• Brand appeared childish so quality of center was perceived as questionable.
• Competition has cleaner, more professional websites that clearly define brand.
• Doesn’t show as an expert in the industry. No blogging, reviews or associations.


Lead Generation

• No marketing efforts outside of flyers to gain new business.
• No process in place to follow-up on leads from all inquiry sources.
• Relies on word-of-mouth referral for business.

The Solution

Develop a new website that clearly targeted the concerns of the parents. Identifying safety and security of their child including the educational component that differentiates them from their competition. Include a Content Management System (CMS) for easy administration of content, a calendar plug-in to clearly display event dates and a contact us form to provide potential customers with the ability to contact center with questions. Colorful slider on home page to showcase center pictures that display core values of center. Establish customer in major online directories (NAP) to bring website to the top of local online searches. Branded email marketing template developed and process established to extend specials and other offers to database, along with customer newsletters. Setup blog page to establish expertise. Assisted customer with template for development of effective blogs and content.
Setup social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Twitter). Developed Facebook plug-in to feed to website home page for sneak peek into their active social media presence.
Conducted value mapping exercise with customer to identify improvements needed in lead generation process. Clearly identified four quadrants of needs (high need – costly, high need – low cost, low need – costly, low need – low cost). Launch Now worked with customer to develop an action plan to address the high need – low cost process areas needing improvement.