Inspire Southeast Wisconsin

Inspire Southeast Wisconsin

Launch Now Agency Partners with Inspire Southeast Wisconsin


Key educators from Sussex Hamilton School District presented this morning at my Chamber Board meeting. We learned about a new campaign that is going to not only change the lives of students but also the business industry and how we grow a workforce. After hearing the vision and plans for this campaign, I immediately came home and signed up to be a partner. Launch Now Agency is determined to help the students in our community to grow by providing them with real business knowledge and career-based learning experiences.

What is the buzz all about….

Inspire Southeast Wisconsin  and the GROW.HERE. Campaign!

We all agree that the development of an emerging workforce with a diverse set of skills and talents is critical to Wisconsin’s economic future. Employers want to get involved but often aren’t sure how. Educators want to provide quality career-based learning experiences to support students as they develop and act on their Academic and Career Plans but often don’t know how to get started. Inspire Southeast Wisconsin is a web-based tool that makes it easy for students and schools to connect with local employers who are offering those activities. Using this tool, M7 GROW.HERE. companies, students and their influencers form partnerships for career-based learning. These next generation experiences in career based learning will support our companies to see significant improvement in time-to-fill and retention rates so their businesses can GROW.HERE. Young people will see, first hand, the regional career opportunities and choose career pathways in M7 industries that allow them to GROW.HERE.

You can join as a company and you can even join as a career coach!

Benefits for Companies:

  • Expand your recruiting pool for summer job/intern programs and entry-level positions
  • Increase your business’ visibility and highlight your community involvement.
  • Promote careers that are available in Southeast Wisconsin and help students realize the opportunities in their own community
  • Bridge the skills gap of students coming out of high school by communicating what the real world needs

Benefits for Career Coaches:

  • Give back to your community by helping our youth reach their full career potential
  • Enhance your own professional development through interaction with diverse populations and development of critical skills
  • Bridge the skills gap of students coming out of high school by communicating what the real world needs
  • Expand you own professional network as you interact with other like-minded professional during community partner meetings

I am very excited to sign up Launch Now Agency as both an interested company and as a coach. During the early years of my career I worked with the local high school to start youth apprenticeship programs. During that time, I was able to find amazing students and train and mentor them to have skills that were years beyond the classroom. I can’t wait to impact the lives of new students with my own business and see how I can generate interest and knowledge in the web design and internet marketing business. My desire is to teach interested students about relationship building and how critical that is, especially in this very technical and often, isolated virtual industry.

If you’re company is interested in signing up or finding out more, visit Inspire Southeast Wisconsin.  Join Launch Now Agency in helping build up our youth and inspire them to be great at whatever they choose to do!


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